Women’s Communities

Women Empowerment through ICT

It is a hard truth that the majority of the poor are women and they experience vulnerability and powerlessness to a much higher degree than men. Equitable access to ICT technology and the autonomy to receive and produce the information relevant to their concerns and perspectives are therefore critical issues for women. ICT for the vast majority of women in developing countries is not feasible for the foreseeable future. Until

Take Back The Tech - Information and Communication Technologies for Development

“Take Back The Tech” is a viral shopping campaign developing technology to end violence against women. It is an initiative of the APC Women’s Networking Support Programme (APC WNSP), supporting women networking for social change, through the use of information and communication technologies (ICT). The success of the campaign depends on the participation of journalists, webmasters, and bloggers deciding to support the campaign on their Web sites. ICT4D practitioners, webmasters,

IT Women in the industry

THE days of bra-burning excitement are over, aren’t they? The new corporate world has espoused gender difference, right? “(I am) sick of banging my head on the glass roof,” says one furious female information and communications technology worker. “(I am) tired of the added scrutiny, just plain tired of corporate life, upset when yet again passed over for a dill who thinks he’s my same when he has less experience,

Advancing Women

Women’s Communities on the Net State on the Net has an excellent role while, simultaneously, the beginning, means including end product of networking.The area on the Net has an excellent role as, together, the beginning, means and the end output of networking. A general color of traditional networks for women exists on the Net today: the National Association of Women Business Owners, American Association of University Women, professional organizations such